Retail StoreCheck

The StoreCheck records observable data in stores and shops, such as:

  • In-stock distribution.
  • Number of facings (measured in shelf edge lengths or by pack size).
  • Location of display (e.g. end of aisle, mid-aisle, dump-bins, near checkout etc.).
  • Merchandising evaluation: conformity to planograms.
  • Retail prices.
  • Presence of point of sale material.
  • Presence of promotions (e.g. money-off, buy 3 get 1 free, strap-on free samples etc.).


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The StoreCheck is principally a monthly syndicated survey, but also available exclusively or for one-off surveys allowing clients to coincide the data collection timings with scheduled promotions. The survey is currently available in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait, but can be readily launched in other countries. The standard analysis for the data is by:

  • Major multiple groups with data available by named branch.
  • A-Class outlets.
  • B-Class outlets.
  • C-Class outlets.
  • DE-Class outlets.

Deliverables of the findings include a management summary, standard data tabulations and special analyses, such as shares of facings that correlate with brand shares. Subscription is category based. Fieldwork takes place over two weeks with deliverables available within one week of concluding data collection.