Niche OnlinePanels

With increasing penetration of the Internet, consumer online surveys have become a popular option for clients to conduct surveys among the general population. Though there are issues with regard to quality standards and representation, the cost efficiency and speed of turnaround of these online surveys are undeniable.

Catering to the swelling demand for online surveys, there are dozens of panel providers that specialise in this type of research. For the most part, Incite partners with the leading global providers, simply because maintaining and operating panels is outside of our core business activity.

However, Incite operates an OnlinePanel in countries that most panel operators do not cover in order to fulfil the needs of our local clients there and occasional requirements of international research agencies and brand owners. We also operate a select number of specialty panels with respondents whose profile is off the beaten track, for example covering healthcare professionals, travel agents/tour operators, mothers, motorists, sports professionals etc. In addition, we work with other panel providers to expand coverage.

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