Jan Stuffers

Jan has 40 years’ market research experience. First based in his native Netherlands with the internationally acclaimed research organisation GfK. After a brief period in Germany with the same group, Jan helped establish the UK subsidiary, before joining a London based research agency where he attained the position of Company Director.

Ten years later, Jan moved to the Persian Gulf to join a leading market research agency – these days operating as Kantar in Dubai – before establishing Bahrain-based Incite Research International in 1994, offering market research services across the Middle East, Africa and Southern Asia.  Two years later Incite opened its second office in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

In 2009, Incite relocated its main office from Dubai to Hong Kong  and Jan moved there to develop the business in Southeast Asia generally and China in particular. At this point the agency developed an international network of agencies that ultimately culminated into World Research Alliance, of which Jan became the General Manager.

For the past 5 years he has been stationed at the EMEA offices in Athens, Greece.

Jan is a seasoned multi-lingual market research professional with experience in agency management, service and business development with hands-on experience in all technical aspects of running surveys, both quantitative and qualitative.

He has a good understanding of cultural sensitivities thanks to working experience in mainland Europe, United Kingdom, the Persian Gulf and Asia Pacific region.

A pragmatic operator with old fashioned ethics. Jan shares his experience in market research by contributing to business publications.

Athina Liapikou

Athina graduated from Kapodistrian University for Law, Economics and Political Science in Athens, Greece with a BSc in Economics. She started her career as Head of Finance at a major FMCG corporation. After 9 years Athina ascended to senior roles in sales management.

First with manufacturer Linette to develop the domestic market in Greece, after which talent scouts at international retail conglomerate Lidl’s engaged her as Sales Manager. She honed her skills in the United Kingdom before returning to Greece to lead her team in planning and overseeing the roll-out of dozens of stores.

Fascinated by market dynamics, backed up by extensive exposure to market research, and drawn by the creative challenges of marketing, Athina developed a passion for innovation. She joined Carrefour in Greece as Category Manager and after a stint in Spain quickly rose to Purchasing & Marketing Manager driving, with her team, new product development of numerous private labels.

Drawn by the allure of international marketing, Athina returned to business development and exports in Europe at two leading FMCG companies in Greece. By then she had over 25 years’ experience under her belt and thanks to her creative marketing flair, business development acumen and a thorough understanding of finance, accounting and legal parameters, businesses started to look for her advice as a professional consultant.

Over the past 9 years Athina has focussed on business advisory services under her own steam helping companies to start up, enter new markets and develop effective business and marketing plans.

Athina joined forces with Incite Research International in Athens where she contributes with her insightful knowledge and experience in Europe.